Anapa - resort on Russian Black sea coast

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Anapa - is the resort town on the Black sea coast in Russia. Population is almost 55 000 of inhabitants.
Resort has beautiful sandy beaches.
Best time to visit Anapa would be from April to November. In highest season (July-August) place is overprices and overcrowded.

Pictures of Anapa:

Resort Anapa. Sandy beach:
Anapa. Black sea. Sandy beach
Main embankment:
Embankment. Anapa
Walk along the main embankment:
Ruins of ancient Gorgippia:
Ruins of Ancient city of Gorgippia
One of entrance to the beach area:
Anapa. Entrance to the beach area
Sandy beaches of Anapa resort:
Sandy beach of Anapa resort
Along the streets:
Along streets of Anapa
Anapa resort:

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