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Novorossiysk - is the city on South of Russia, main Russian Black sea port. Population is almost 300 thousands of inhabitants. City is situated between Black sea resorts Anapa and Sochi.
City has a humid almost subtropical climate with short windy winter and warm summer.
Novorossiysk has a train stations (rail terminal), cargo and passenger sea port.

Pictures of Novorossiysk:

Welcome to Novorossiysk. Industrial area on the background:
Novorossiysk. Industrial area and beginning of embankment

Walk along Embankment

Beginning of embankment:
Beginning of embankment. Novorossiysk
«Lady on the Dolphin»:
Walk on embankment. Lady on Dolphin
When Novorossiysk was a fortress:
Fortress Novorossiysk
embankment of Novorossiysk

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