Sochi - main Black sea resort of Russia

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Sochi - is the city on South of Russia, main Russian Black sea resort. Population is almost 400 000 of inhabitants. City is situated just near a border with Georgia.
City has a humid subtropical climate with short winter and warm summer.
Sochi has a train station (rail terminal), International airport, passenger sea port. City is the popular stop for International sea cruises.
Best time to visit a city would be from April to November. In highest season (July-August), Sochi is overpriced and really overcrowded.

Pictures of Sochi:

Resort Sochi. Tropical plants:
Streets of Sochi Resort
The Sochi embankment:
Embankment of Sochi
Black sea:
Black sea and Yachts

Krasnaya Polyana. Resort in mountains above Sochi & Adler:

Krasnaya Polyana. View on mountains:
Krasnaya Polyana (Mountain resort above Sochi). View on mountains
Krasnaya Polyana. View on valley:
Krasnaya Polyana (Ski resort above Sochi and Adler). View on valley

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