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Moscow Kremlin, together with the Red Square is the heart of Moscow and Russia. Kremlin wall and towers were built in the end of 15-th century by Italian architects. Wall's length is almost 2.5 km. and average thickness is 4 m. Highest tower is Spasskaya (71m. built in 1625). Kremlin is overlooking the Red Square (east), Saint Basil's Cathedral, The Moskva River (south) and Alexander Garden (situated on the west side between walls and the Manege Square.

Pictures of Moscow Kremlin:

Walls of Kremlin. South-Eastern side. The Beklemishevskaya Tower (also known as Moskvoretskaya Tower):
Moscow Kremlin. The Beklemishevskaya Tower (Moskvoretskaya Tower)
The Red Square, Spasskaya Tower on the background:
Red Square of Moscow. Spasskaya Tower, Tsarskaya Tower and Nabatnaya Tower
Spasskaya Tower. View from Alexander Garden:
Spasskaya Tower of Moscow Kremlin
Wall of Moscow Kremlin. View from Moskva River
Wall of Moscow Kremlin. View from Moskva River
Kremlin wall. Vodovzvodnaya Tower in the middle & Borovitskaya Tower to the left:
Moscow Kremlin. Vodovzvodnaya Tower. Borovitskaya Tower

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