Manege Square. Moscow

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Manege Square (Manezhnaya ploshchad) - is the heart of Moscow, together with the Red Square and Kremlin. Manege square is situated on the east side from the Kremlin and Alexander Garden. It is a big pedestrian area, that connects with the Red Square through Iberian Gate near State Historical Museum and monument of Marshal Zhukov.

Pictures of Manege Square:

Manege Square. Historical State Museum on the background:
Manege Square. Moscow
Moscow Manege on the Manege Square:
Moscow manege, the Manege Square
Night view on Manege Square:
Manege Square in Moscow. Night view
Night view on Moscow Manege:
Moscow Manege. Night view

State Historical Museum, Marshal Zhukov and entrance to the Red Square:

Monument of Marshal Zhukov and historical State Museum:
Marshal Zhukov monument on Manege Square in Moscow
Historical State Museum:
State Historical museum. View from Manege Square in Moscow

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