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The Moskva river flows through Smolenk Oblast in Russia and Moscow (actually is a tributary of the Oka river). Here below photos of Moskva River taken during walk from Red Square and Kremlin to the monument of Peter the Great.

Pictures of the embankments of Moskva river:

Moskva river. Kremlin and one of excursion boat:
Moskva river. Kremlin. Excursion boat
Embankment of the Moskva-river:
Moskva-river. Embankment
Bridge of Kisses:
Moskva river. Bridge of Kisses
Lock-Tree on the Bridge of Kisses
Moskva river. The Lock-tree
Beautiful fountains on the Moskva river
Moskva river. Fountains
Monument to Peter the Great:
Moskva river. Monument to Peter the Great
Cathedral near Peter the Great:

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