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Peterhof (or Petergof) is situated about 25 km. west from Saint-Petersburg (and about 35 km. North-West from Catherine Palace). Peterhof was founded in 1710-th by the order of Peter the Great. As a whole complex it consists of Upper Gardens, Grand Palace, Grand Cascade (with statue of Samson in the center) and Lower Gardens, lying on the sea shore. Peterhof is accessible by boat, departing from center of Saint-Petersburg (Winter Palace), that goes along the Neva river and then Gulf of Finland.

Pictures of Peterhof:

Photos are given in the order from Upper Garden to the Grand Palace, then Grand Cascade and Lower Garden.

Peterhof. Upper Gardens. View on the fountains and Grand Palace:
Grand Peterhof Palace. View from the Upper Gardens
Statue of Neptune in the Upper Gardens:
Neptune fountain in upper gardens of Peterhof
West Chapel of the Petergof Grand Palace:
West Chapel of the Petergof Grand Palace
East Chapel:
East Chapel. Grand Palace
Peterhof: Grand Cascade, statue of Samson & sea shore:
Samson fountain. Grand Cascade of Peterhof
Grand Cascade of Peterhof:
Grand Cascade. Peterhof
Lower Gardens of Petergof:
Lower Gardens of Petergof

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